about dirtgirlworld

dirtgirlworld… where we learn that we protect what we love!

dirtgirlworld is 360 degree project that currently spans television and on-line experiences. With this eco-store, we now bring you music and a small range of eco-merchandise.

Currently screening in Australia on ABC, dirtgirlworld has already become a hit with audiences. Recent ABC figures reveal that dirtgirlworld is the MOST POPULAR Australian tv show for kids aged 0-4 and is the ONLY show in the 'top 10' shows watched by kids aged 0-4 and 5-12. (Oh, and it's a hit with young and older adults, too!)

An exuberant celebration of life in the big world outside, dirtgirlworld has a contemporary, underlying environmental message – to explore the natural world. The musicentric series invites the audience to “go get grubby” with dirtgirl, a gumboot-wearing girl who grows awesome tomatoes, knows cloud names and drives a big orange tractor.

Created in Australia by producers and musicians Cate McQuillen and Hewey Eustace (mememe productions) who are based in the beautiful Northern Rivers region of New South Wales; dirtgirlworld the tv series also screens on the PBS Kids channel ‘Sprout’ in the USA, on the BBC and its children’s channel CBeebies in Britain and on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and in Israel on HOP! It will soon launch in France and South Korea.

The project features characters who live sustainably and in tune with nature; following the seasons, caring for their gardens and friends, building what they need from what they find, and conserving resources. These characters also take time out to daydream, gaze at the stars and find wild places. 

Since premiering in December 2009, dirtgirlworld has already been nominated for a Logie Award for "Most Outstanding Children’s Program" and was the only Australian nomination for the 2010 international "Prix de Jeunesse" awards for excellence in children’s television. Daily emails from parents ask if there are DVD’s, CD’s, garden tools and even dolls that can help children in their gardens!

dirtgirlworld provides an invitation for people who want to grow with their children to step outside and have a go! The range of eco-products available from this eco-store has been selected and produced with care and respect for the world around us, just how is explained in the 'eco-info' box on every product page. We hope the products inspire you and your kids to go outside, to explore, to play and most of all, to have fun!

Margaret Mead once said “a small group of people can bring change in the world”. In dirtgirlworld we believe that “a group of small people can bring great change in the world”, beginning in their own back yards!

The dirtgirlworld eco-store is run by kidindy - a new independent Australian music and merchandise company that is wholly-owned by mememe productions pty ltd, the creators of dirtgirlworld.


We  hope you enjoy the dirtgirlworld experience as much as we love bringing it to you. Please contact us with any questions and suggestions of how we can make your experience better.

with love

the dirtgirlworld eco-store team